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An overview of Business Services throughout the state and how we can ensure a uniform provision of services.

Welcome to the Colorado Career Conversations online training. This training is available to anyone in the state of Colorado who is positioned to engage in career conversations with adult learners, job seekers, students, clients, or others who may need support navigating career decisions. This training opportunity was an initiative of the Education Leadership Council and was built in partnership with the Colorado Department of Education (CDE), the Colorado Workforce Development Council (CWDC), the Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE), and the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE). The overarching goal of the training is to expand the number of skilled advisors able to deliver a consistent career advising experience. 

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It's the end of the month and you're finalizing your Pre-ETS Activity Log, but you've completed SO many Pre-ETS activities this month! You've attended IEP meetings, collaborated with your education partners to continue work on a Pre-ETS workshop and you led a job club this month! You just have one question...does this count on my Pre-ETS Activity Log? 

   Check out this short course to learn quick tips for ensuring that your timesheet is completed accurately.

This course helps to inform what Programmatic Accessibility in the Workforce System includes. 

We begin by defining the purpose and requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, with a specific focus on Title II - Nondiscrimination in State and Local Government Services. Next, we focus on disability awareness and etiquette which is designed to help everyone understand the responsibilities of how to create and maintain a welcoming environment for people with disabilities. From there we will dive into Section 188 of WIOA to define what Programmatic Accessibility is. Lastly, we wrap up with Title II administrative responsibilities and create an understanding of what needs to be evaluated.

* Please know that if you use Chrome for your browser you may find technical difficulties in the course chapters. The challenge we have found is that the course will start over if you leave the course before you are finish. 

Recommendations for good browsers: Internet Explorer or FireFox.

Manager:  Renise Walker/CWDC